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Have you thought of becoming your own boss? Owning your own business? Look no further than a franchise in the lucrative pizza business!

Heavenly Pizza, formerly AJ’s Heavenly Pizza, has been in business since 1981 and has expanded into several locations throughout Ohio. Our great service and delicious recipes make us a favorite in any town. Contact us today for more information on starting your own Heavenly Pizza location in your area.

Why Pizza? 2016 Pizza Industry at a Glance

If Americans would choose to eat only one food for the rest of their lives, that food would most likely be pizza!

According to statistics from franchise disclosure documents:

  • Americans eat on average 100 acres of pizza daily
  • Averaging 350 slices per second, consumed in the U.S. alone
  • 93 percent of Americans eat one pizza or more per month
  • Pizza is the number one dinner choice in the United States
  • Pizza is a $40 billion per year industry
  • Approx. 1 of every 5 Restaurants in the U.S. is a Pizza restaurant

Introduced in the early 1900’s by Italian immigrants, near places like Chicago and New York City, America began its love affair with pizza. After WWII America’s Veterans began to return home from places like Italy, bringing with them a renewed hunger for pizza and an ever growing list of delicious pizza toppings!

Since 2012 when there were approximately 65,000 pizza franchises in the country, demand has continued to run high in this growth-leading industry.

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